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Time for Spending More Time With God

A message from Mike Thompson about the next few weeks:

This is not a time for spending less time with our God.  It is a time for spending more time with him.  Spend time in prayer.  Come to the church house and check out books from the library.  We have lots of resources. I would also encourage you to participate in family worship.  I have written a guide to family worship that you can access here.

For the next few Sundays, we are working to be able to “live stream” our worship service.  Only those directly involved in leading worship will be at the church house.  All those who are able are encouraged to gather in their homes during the 11 am hour.  We will also provide the words to hymns via email and the order of worship so that everyone will be able to follow along.  For those who do not have the capacity to participate via live stream, we will also make the service available in our normal ways (the Church App and Sermon Audio).  And upon request, we can work to get a hard copy CD to those who need that format (possibly even by Sunday afternoon).

Some will feel the need to gather informally with other members of the body physically.  We would encourage that no more than two or three households combine in this way, keeping in mind the discouragement of meetings of more than 10.